'1984' IGCSE full SoW

'1984' IGCSE full SoW


This resource can be used for both the 0475 and 0992 syllabus.


This is a full scheme of work for the novel ‘1984’ by George Orwell. This scheme of work was planned for the CIE IGCSE, however could easily be adapted for any other exam board. There is also an IBDP SoW here. This is a very thorough and detailed set of lessons that introduces and teaches all of the skills required to perform well in the exam. The scheme of work should last between 8-10 weeks depending on your class. The lessons follow a step-by-step structure and builds up the skills needed through lots of practice and a range of different activities. The scheme of work focuses on: how to analyse a novel; the features of a dystopian novel; and how to analyse language, structure and authorial choice. Each question is deconstructed and broken down, so pupils understand what they are required to do, how to plan and how to write up a successful answer. A full mock paper is included in this bundle so pupils can then test their skills at the end of the unit. There are also several partial mocks included which focus on either the extract question or the full novel question. As the lessons work through questions that replicate those in the exam, in effect, pupils will work through three full exam papers once they have finished the entire unit including the mock. There are also several worksheets included in the bundle which scaffold and support pupils as they learn. In addition, checklists, peer assessment sheets and end of section workbooks are included in the bundle and are useful when conducting practice questions in the classroom or as revision. The lessons cover a range of activities such as pair work, group work, verbal feedback, group analysis, presentations, carousels and various types of peer assessment. Most slides include teacher notes at the bottom in order to give extra information or direction.


If you would like additional practice exam papers, there is a pack of 26 here.


Many of the resources can be used in either a printable or electronic format. The PDFs can be edited by students which makes them perfect for online and remote teaching. Or even as a way of reducing paper!






  • Included in this bundle:


    • 285 Slide PPT
    • 3 example exam questions in CIE style
    • 3 student workbooks (roughly 30 pages each) for each different section of the novel.
    • Homework tasks
    • Skills checklists
    • Peer checklists
    • Self checklists
    • Worksheets
    • Exam style tasks
    • How to analyse a literature text guide sheet
    • Key terminology sheet for use with 1984 (27 keywords)


  • Activities:


    • Group tasks
    • Pair Tasks
    • Speaking and listening tasks
    • Close analysis tasks
    • Peer assessment tasks
    • Self assessment tasks
    • How to write analytically
    • How to develop analysis for IGCSE
    • Modelling of how to analyse passages
    • Modelling of how to write an answer
    • Step by step guidance on how to write both an extract and full novel answer