'A Separate Peace'Novel Full Scheme of Work


This is a full scheme of work for the novel 'A Separate Peace' by John Knowles. If you would like the revision SoW, please visit this page.


This detailed scheme of work was planned for the CIE 0475 IGCSE however can be adapted for any syllabus. The PPT consists of 117 slides which roughly span 6 weeks. These lessons also cover a range of different teaching methods to ensure pupils can confidently and independently analyse the text. The lessons also cover a variety of different activities and assessment strategies.

  • Included in this bundle

    117 Slide PPT

    2 example extract exam questions in CIE style

    How to answer both extract and full novel questions

    1 Self assessment traffic light sheet with peer assessment

    1 Self assessment traffic light sheet with teacher assessment

    Essay companion with key phrases and guide on how to approach essay writing


    • Group tasks
    • Pair Tasks
    • Debates
    • Close analysis tasks
    • Peer assessment
    • Self assessment
    • Exam style tasks
    • How to write analytically 
    • PEEAL writing
    • How to develop analysis for GCSE