A Separate Peace Novel - Year 11 Revision (IGCSE 0475)

A Separate Peace Novel - Year 11 Revision (IGCSE 0475)


This is a revision SoW for the novel 'A Separate Peace' by John Knowles. If you would like to purchase the full SoW please visit this page.


This SoW was originally planned for the Literature IGCSE 0475 specification but can be easily adapted for any other exam board. The lessons go through the context of the novel, how to plan for and answer exam style questions and also goes through how to analyse language, structure and form.


Activities are structured around analysisng key events; symbols; themes; narrative structure; language and context. A variety of different methods are utilised such as individual work, pair and group work, discussions and drama activities.


Also included are examples of questions as well as a essay writing checklist that is geared towards helping pupils reach the top band in the mark scheme.


The PPT consists of 90 slides and should last for 4 weeks. This would work well alongside the 'A Separate Peace' Reading Booklet which is also available to buy in my store.

  • Included in this bundle

    - Essay writing checklists

    - Example answer

    - 3 example exam questions for the IGCSE 0475

    - 90 slide PPT that covers all aspect of revision for the novel

    - 100 recall questions revision resource