Emily Dickinson Selected Poetry: CIE International A-Level

Emily Dickinson Selected Poetry: CIE International A-Level


This is a full scheme of work for the CIE Dickinson Poetry Anthology. This scheme of work was planned for the CIE 9695 International A-Level syllabus. This is a very thorough and comprehensive set of lessons that introduces and teaches all of the skills required to not only perform well in the exam, but also to have an in-depth understanding of Dickinson’s poetry. Everything required to teach this unit is included and every resource has already been created and is ready to print!


The PPT scheme of work is accompanied by a student workbook which includes exam guidance; practice questions; key vocabulary; assessment objective breakdown; a range of critical reception and theorist quotations; as well as a range of different activities. The workbook comes in two formats: printable and electronic. The electronic version can be typed into directly which reduces the need to print multiple copies but also means that pupils can use the booklet for revision later on. Ideal for online learning!


The scheme of work should last between 10-12 weeks depending on your class. The lessons follow a step-by-step structure and build up the skills needed through lots of practice and a range of different activities. The scheme of work focuses on how to understand the context; how to identify and analyse poetic devices; aspects of form and genre; how to use theorists and critics; and how to analyse language, structure and form.


Exam tasks are deconstructed and broken down so pupils understand what they are required to do; how to plan; and how to write up a successful answer. The scheme of work works through how to teach generic essay skills with a focus on how to write about singular poems, as well as moving onto the more detailed essay skills needed for the exam. There are several practice papers and exam essay questions included in the scheme of work. As the lessons work through questions that replicate those in the exam, in effect, pupils will work through several practice pieces once they have finished the entire unit. In addition, short analytical tasks are included throughout, so pupils are constantly working on and refining their skills. There are also several tasks which model various different skills as well as scaffolding and supporting pupils as they learn. In addition, peer assessment sheets and self-reflection sheets are also included. The lessons cover a range of activities such as pair work, group work, verbal feedback, group analysis, presentations, carousels, discussion activities and various types of peer assessment. Several slides include teacher notes at the bottom in order to give extra information or direction.


Check out the freebie lesson here.


  • Included in this bundle

    • 223 Slide PPT
    • 93 slide PDF student workbook
    • Anthology of poems which use the Faber & Faber versions of the poem as stated by CIE. This comes in both a printable and electronic version so pupils can annotate electronically.
    • Example exam questions in CIE style
    • Homework tasks
    • Exam style tasks
    • A range of useful extracts from critical theory essays which addresses the AO5 objective
    • A range of marking criteria: peer, self, teacher.
    • How to analyse poetry guide sheet
    • How to write an essay guide sheet



    • Group tasks
    • Pair Tasks
    • Speaking and listening
    • Close analysis tasks
    • Peer assessment tasks
    • Self assessment tasks
    • How to write analytically
    • How to develop analysis for A-Level
    • Modelling of how to analyse a poem
    • Model answer
    • Modelling of how to demonstrate various skills
    • Step by step guidance on how to write an academic essay
    • Speaking and listening activities