IGCSE Reading Activity Booklet '1984'


These booklets accompany the teaching of the IGCSE Prose text: '1984'. Pupils can fill this in as the unit progresses, use it as a post-reading task or as a revision activity. There are 3 booklets: one for each section of the novel. Each booklet helps pupils to consolidate their knowledge of the novel and work through analysing symbols, characters, themes, techniques and setting.


The activities included are closely linked to the GCSE requirements and combine skills covering the close analysis of quotations, analysing the effect of authorial choices, looking at the structure of the text and considering context and author intention. Each booklet is roughly 30 pages long.


This question pack is included in the IGCSE '1984' scheme of work, so please do not purchase this question pack if you have already purchased the scheme of work.