IGCSE student workbook for 'The Crucible' (CIE 0475)

IGCSE student workbook for 'The Crucible' (CIE 0475)


This student workbook is also part of the full scheme of work bundle that can be found here.


If you would like to purchase the PDF workbook without the accompanying PPT you can do so here.


Please note that the workbook has been planned to work alongside the PPT. The accompanying PPT gives additional information, instruction and in-class direction. However, if you only require the booklet, it is straightforward to follow. This booklet does not include the 'do now' and 'end of lesson' tasks that accompany the PPT. It is also only available in a printable version. If you would like the version that can be electronically edited by pupils please visit this page.


The booklet assists pupils with their understanding of the full play, provides contextual information and scaffolds their learning. In addition, the booklet introduces pupils to all the skills they require in order to be successful in the exam and includes exam guidance and an example exam style question. The booklet is 190 pages long.