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Who is Ms Duckworth?



I started my teaching career in London in 2005 and since then have worked as an English teacher in a range of secondary schools.


I have held various posts over the years: Key Stage Co-ordinator;  Head of Department; and also Assistant Headteacher. After 11 years of teaching in London, I relocated to Asia and taught for 4 years in British International schools and gained experience teaching IGCSE, International A-Level and IBDP. 


After teaching for 11 years in the UK and for 4 in SE Asia, I can tell you that teaching is teaching - no matter where you are. The purpose of this website is to share some of my own experience, as well as the strategies that I have developed both in the UK and overseas. Hopefully, these may prove useful to you! My aim is to make your life that bit easier and to remind you that teaching shouldn’t be about stress and anxiety: it’s about good lessons and enjoying teaching them.


I still teach all year groups and am constantly coming up with a new teaching hack or idea. I’m always adapting and learning new things, which I will share with you on my blog and in my lessons and resources pages


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Ms Duckworth's Classroom is a resource for English teachers, by an English teacher. I am still a full time teacher and regularly upload blog posts, new ideas and lessons. The content of my site is constantly growing so please check back for regular updates or subscribe to my mailing list.


I have been an English teacher for 16 years and still tweak (and overthink) even to this day. Whenever you are reading this, please know that in my last lesson I re-thought, re-jigged or re-designed something based on the mood of my pupils or the result of a task (failed or successful). This is just a natural part of being a teacher and anyone who tells you they can still teach a Macbeth Scheme of Work that they planned 5 years ago without any revisions, simply isn’t being honest.


So, I created this website to share what I enjoy but also to help other teachers. Teachers who want to do more; who want to do something different or who just want to feel like there are options out there when they can’t think of an activity for Year 11 on Monday period 1.


Ms Duckworth’s classroom brings together all of my best (tried, tested and re-planned!) English lessons and resources. It is also a place where I post blogs about anything that has (or hasn’t) worked. 

Who will find this website useful?

  • Anyone!

    • NQTs

    • Experienced teachers

    • Heads of Department

    • Senior Leaders

What will you find here?


I have tried to offer an array of different services for educators of all levels:


  • A Freebies page so you can trial some of my lessons and ideas. 

  • Blog posts that cover a range of issues from marking to using wall displays.

  • Paid resources that you can download: these cover all Key Stages as well as both Language and Literature.

  • A Student Zone equipped with helpful resources, guides and tutorials.

Please feel free to browse my blog, take a look at the freebie section, scan through the schemes of work and lessons or even just send me an email.


I hope you find my site useful, if so, please share this website with your teacher friends and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What is Ms Duckworth's Classroom?

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