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Who is Ms Duckworth?


I'm a seasoned English teacher with over 16 years of experience. My teaching journey began in London, where I honed my skills across various secondary schools. Over the years, I've embraced diverse leadership roles, including Key Stage Co-ordinator, Head of Department, and Assistant Headteacher.

After 11 years of teaching in the UK, I embarked on a new adventure: teaching for four years in British International schools across Southeast Asia. This enriching experience equipped me with expertise in delivering curriculums like IGCSE, International A-Level, and IBDP.

I also serve as an examiner for CIE, further deepening my understanding of assessment strategies and student needs.


Why This Website?

Through my experiences in the UK and abroad, I've come to believe that the core of teaching remains constant. This website is my platform to share the valuable strategies and resources I've developed over the years. Whether you're an experienced teacher or just starting out, I hope these tools can make your life easier. This website is my platform to share the carefully crafted, high-quality resources I develop for both Language and Literature. These resources are designed to not only save you valuable time but also to engender excitement and effective learning in your students.

I’m always adapting and learning new things, which I will share with you on my blog and in my lessons and resources pages. 


What is Ms Duckworth's Classroom?


Ms. Duckworth's Classroom is a comprehensive online resource specifically designed to empower and support English teachers at all levels. Curated by a fellow English educator with extensive experience, the website offers a continuously expanding collection of valuable materials, including:

  • Engaging Blog Posts: Explore insightful ideas and discussions on a wide range of topics relevant to teaching and learning.

  • Innovative Lesson Ideas: Discover fresh and effective approaches to teaching English, complete with practical classroom implementation strategies.

  • High-Quality Resources: Access a wealth of downloadable resources, including individual lessons, activities, worksheets and schemes of work, designed to enhance student learning outcomes.


Maximising impact in the classroom

This website is driven by a dual purpose: to share the passion for English education and to foster a supportive community for teachers. Ms. Duckworth's Classroom aims to:

  • Inspire Educators: Spark creativity and encourage exploration of new pedagogical approaches.

  • Offer Practical Solutions: Provide readily-available resources that address common classroom challenges, particularly for those seeking inspiration for specific year groups or time slots. Ms.Duckworth's Classroom goes beyond individual lesson plans, offering meticulously crafted schemes of work. These comprehensive resources encompass a full unit of study, including detailed lesson plans, engaging activities, student handouts and assessment materials. This one-stop-shop approachsaves teachers valuable time and planning effort, allowing them to focus on delivering impactful lessons with confidence.

What you will find here


I have tried to offer an array of different services for educators of all levels:


  • A Freebies page so you can trial some of my lessons and ideas. 

  • Blog posts that cover a range of topics from marking to poetry analysis.

  • Paid resources that you can download: these cover all Key Stages as well as both Language and Literature.

  • A Student Zone equipped with helpful resources, guides and tutorials.

Supporting Excellence in English Education

  • Ms. Duckworth's Classroom is designed to support you in your classroom. Explore a wealth of materials, from engaging lesson plans to insightful blog posts, and discover how Ms. Duckworth's Classroom can become a valuable companion on your teaching journey.

Please feel free to browse my blog, take a look at the freebie section, scan through the schemes of work and lessons or even just send me an email.


I hope you find my site useful, if so, please share this website with your teacher friends and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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