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What How Why Learning Mat

These can be glued into books or laminated for multiple class use. These learning mats help pupils to develop their responses to a literature text and provide a range of guiding questions to promote independence.

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IGCSE Literature Lesson

IGCSE lessons on Ted Hughes' 'The Jaguar'

How to understand, analyse and interpret the poem.

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IGCSE Language Lesson

IGCSE lesson on Q2d (imagery) of the new CIE 0500 specification.

Paper 1 (2020)

Extract download

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Can be used for both KS3 and KS4. Use as a classroom display or shrink down and glue inside books. Both PDF and Editable versions.


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PEEAL Marking Sticker

These editable templates help you to mark quickly and efficiently. Simply highlight the skills: red for 'not yet'; yellow for 'mastered'. You could even traffic light your marking with these stickers! This resource saves time and reduces 'comment' marking, whilst still allowing pupils to see what they have done well and also what their target is.

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GCSE Language 

A GCSE lesson on narrative writing. This lesson uses the novel 'A Separate Peace' as the stimulus for this task.

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IGCSE Literature Lesson

IGCSE lessons for 'Othello'. Activities based on understanding and analysing Act 1 Scene 1.

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IGCSE Literature Lesson

IGCSE lesson on Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'In Mrs Tilscher's Class'


IGCSE Language Paper 2 Lesson Section B

IGCSE lesson on the composition section of Language Paper 2 of the new CIE 0500 specification.

Paper 2 (2020)

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IGCSE Literature Lesson

CIE 0475 Literature: Poetry Revision

Poetry Quiz for Songs of Ourselves Volume 3

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'A Separate Peace' Lesson

GCSE lesson on John Knowles' 'A Separate Peace'.

Prose Text


IGCSE Literature Lesson

IGCSE lessons on the use of symbols and motifs in Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' 

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IGCSE Literature Lesson

IGCSE lesson on George Orwell's '1984'. How to analyse language and structure.

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IGCSE Language Paper 2 Lesson Section A

IGCSE lesson on the directed writing section of Language Paper 2 of the new CIE 0500 specification.

Paper 2 (2020)

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GCSE Language Paper 1 Lesson

GCSE lesson on the structure question 

AQA 8700

Paper 1

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Self Review Sheet

This editable review sheet includes a list of skills which are appropriate to the task and which both pupils and teachers can 'traffic light'. Pupils do the initial assessment, then the teacher will do theirs. This means that the pupil can then check how accurate their assessment was. There is also a section for pupils to themselves targets.

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GCSE Romeo & Juliet Lesson

GCSE lesson Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Close analysis on how Romeo is presented in Act 1 Scene 1.

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'A Raisin in the Sun' lesson

GCSE lesson on Lorraine Hansberry's 'A Raisin in the Sun'.

Drama Text