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Quotation Deep Dive & Extended Writing

I have recently been working on developing my pupils' understanding of the many layers of interpretation in a text. I am currently working on close text analysis and securing this skill before moving onto wider, overarching methods with a larger text.

I have created a variety of different resources and lesson aids to support pupils and to encourage the layered analysis approach. Hopefully, by embedding these skills into everyday lessons, they will become so ingrained that pupils will then begin to display this skill independently.

All resources are linked in this blog. I have also included a video to help teachers to understand just how I use each different resource and how these can be used with your own pupils.

I hope it helps!

Resources discussed in the Vlog are below:

Quotation Deep Dive
Download PDF • 500KB

Quotation bookmark dive in
Download PDF • 161KB

Deep Dive Worksheet one quotation
Download PDF • 268KB

Deep Dive with 2 quotations
Download PDF • 278KB

Deep Dive Worksheet into paragraph
Download PDF • 255KB

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