CIE 0500 Language Paper 2 Full Scheme of Work

CIE 0500 Language Paper 2 Full Scheme of Work


This is a full scheme of work for the CIE 0500 Language GCSE. If you would like to view the revision scheme of work for Language Paper 2, please click here.


This is a very thorough and detailed set of lessons that introduces and teaches all of the skills required to perform well in the exam. The scheme of work should last between 5-6 weeks depending on your class. The lessons follow a step-by-step structure and build up the skills needed through lots of practise and a range of different activities. 


The scheme of work focuses on both reading and writing skills and highlights which skills are needed for which question. The skills: identify, evaluate, synthesise, responding to a text and writing for a purpose are all covered, and tasks are structured in way that builds up these skills through a variety of activities.


There are a range of tasks that build up and practise skills as well as activities that closely replicate the questions in the exam. A range of sources are used in this scheme of work so that pupils can practice their skills on multiple texts and questions. Each question is deconstructed and broken down so pupils understand what they are required to do, how to plan and how to write up a successful answer. Pupils are also given lots of opportunities to self-reflect and evaluate their progress at different stages in the scheme of work. 


There is also a full mock paper included in this bundle so pupils can work through an exam style paper as the unit progresses. The mark scheme is also included either for teacher marking or peer marking. There are also, checklists, peer assessment sheets and end of unit review sheets included in the bundle which are useful when conducting practice questions in the classroom or as revision. In addition, there are several skills guide sheets for the directed writing and composition questions with separate guides for narrative and descriptive writing. The lessons cover a range of activities such as pair work, group work, verbal feedback, group analysis and various types of peer assessment. Many slides include teacher notes in the comment section in order to give extra information or direction.

  • This bundles includes:

    151 slide PPT

    Reading sources and small practice tasks throughout

    Full mock paper with inserts and mark scheme

    Skills checklists

    Peer assessment sheets

    Self assessment sheets

    End of unit review and target sheet

    Examples of narrative and descriptive answers

    Guide sheets for all questions on the exam

    Success criteria for all questions

    Revision posters for narrative and descriptive writing