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This is a scheme of work for a practice Individual Oral for the IBDP English A: Language and Literature course. This unit lasts between 4-5 weeks depending on how much you want pupils to do at home in preparation. The texts used in this unit are '1984' by Orwell, 'Permanent Record' by Edward Snowden and the 'Nosedive' episode from the Black Mirror series. As this is only a practice and not prepration for the real IO, there is much more guidance and support included. The aim of the SoW is to build up the skills needed for this assessment and support pupils in the preparation and planning needed. The unit ends with pupils delivering their presentation and receiving peer marks and feedback. By the end of the unit pupils will have a better understanding of the process and of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will end the unit by completing a self-reflection sheet that can be carried forward to the real IO later on. This SoW works on the premise that pupils have read '1984'.

Full Scheme of Work for Practice Individual Oral

  • 70 slide PPT spanning 4-5 weeks

    Guidance on how to select and analyse extracts

    Guidance on how to formulate their own field of inquiry and apply this to both the extracts and the larger bodies of work

    Direction on how to plan out the oral and condense ideas into the 10 bullet points required on the official planning sheet

    Peer assessment sheets

    Self-reflection sheets

    Planning sheet to use whilst watching Nosedive

    Checklist to focus pupils on all of the different stages of this task

    Marking criteria guidance with a focus on how to be successful

    Support for analysing a media text

    Extracts from 'Permanent Record'

    Group work activities

    Pair work activities

    Independent tasks and activities

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