'How To' Cards CIE Exam Bundle (0500/0486)

'How To' Cards CIE Exam Bundle (0500/0486)


A range of CIE 'How To' cards. These cards can be printed, laminated and then linked together using keyrings. They provide a quick and easy reference point for pupils. You can hang these on the wall, place them in drawers or even hang them in wallets from the back of your door. They are fully editable and cover a large range of skills for both the Language and Literature GCSE papers.

  • Included in this pack

    How to Approach Literature Paper 1

    How to Approach Literature Paper 3

    How to Approach Language Paper 1

    How to Approach Language Paper 2


    Areas covered for each paper:

    How to approach the different questions

    How to use the correct skills for each question

    How to gain full marks

    How to plan an answer

    Strategies and steps

    Top tips

    Things to remember

    How to write up an answer

    How to be successful