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This is a 4-5 week KS3 SoW for a Science Fiction Short Story Unit. The two stories covered are 'There Will Come Soft Rains' and 'A Sound of Thunder', both by Ray Bradbury. The SoW covers both stories in detail and gradually builds up the skills required to analyse character, plot, language and structure. It was originally taught to a middle ability Y8 class but could be adapted for either Y7 or Y9.

The PPT SoW has 67 slides complete with additional resources. There are assessment tasks as well as homework tasks and a range of different activities: lessons cover reading and writing assessments as well as activities for teaching the stories. In addition, tasks are scaffolded with extensions and success criteria.There are a variety of different activities: group work, writing tasks, reading and comprehension tasks, quote analysis tasks.


Skills are built up so that pupils will be able to find relevant quotes, comment on language, comment on structure, link to context and the world around them and discuss author intention.

KS3 Science Fiction Short Story Unit

    • Full PPT scheme of work
    • Copies of the stories used
    • RISE target setting sheet
    • Self-assessment checklists
    • How to 'write a short story' success criteria
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