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This is a full scheme of work for the novel ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Maurier. This resource can be used for both the CIE IGCSE 0475 and 0992 syllabus.


This is a very thorough and detailed set of lessons that introduces and teaches all of the skills required to not only perform well in the exam, but also to have an in-depth understanding of the novel. Everything required to teach this unit is included and every resource has already been created and is ready to print!


The scheme of work should last between 7-9 weeks depending on your class. There are also many activities that could also be used later for revision.


The PPT scheme of work is accompanied by a printable PDF student workbook which includes contextual information as well as a range of activities aimed at developing understanding, interpretation and analysis. The workbook is a fantastic resource and is a great way of increasing engagement and independence. This also cuts down on workload as once the workbook is printed, no more work is required.



The lessons follow a step-by-step structure and build up the skills needed through lots of practice and a range of different activities. The scheme of work focuses on how to understand the meaning and message of the novel; how to identify and analyse methods; background information and contextual information; and how to analyse language, structure and form.


Exam tasks are deconstructed and broken down, so pupils understand what they are required to do; how to plan; and how to write up a successful answer. One full mock paper is included in this bundle so pupils can then test their skills throughout the unit. As the lessons work through questions that replicate those in the exam, in effect, pupils will work through several practice pieces once they have finished the entire unit. In addition, short analytical tasks are included throughout, so pupils are constantly working on and refining their skills. There are also several tasks which model various different skills as well as scaffolding and supporting pupils as they learn.


In addition, checklists, peer assessment sheets and self-reflection sheets are also included. The lessons cover a range of activities such as pair work, group work, verbal feedback, group analysis, presentations, carousels and various types of peer assessment. Most slides include teacher notes at the bottom in order to give extra information or direction.


Sample lesson can be found on the KS4 Freebies page. 

Save money and buy this as part of a bundle.

Rebecca Full Scheme of Work CIE IGCSE

    • 400 Slide PPT
    • Several example exam questions in CIE style
    • Homework tasks
    • Skills checklists
    • Peer checklists
    • Self checklists
    • 207 page printable PDF student workbook
    • Exam style tasks embedded throughout
    • How to analyse a novel guide
    • How to write an essay guide
    • 'What, How, Why' guide
    • Model answer
    • Group tasks
    • Pair Tasks
    • Close analysis tasks
    • Peer assessment tasks
    • Self assessment tasks
    • How to write analytically
    • How to develop analysis for IGCSE
    • Modelling of how to analyse a novel
    • Modelling of how to write an answer
    • Speaking and listening activities
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