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This is a 162 slide scheme of work for the OCR English Literature A-Level course (H472). This unit lasts between 6-8 weeks and covers a variety of different tasks and activities. The main focus is on the novel 1984, however some explicit comparative work is included at the end of the scheme of work. If you would like the IGCSE SoW, it is here. Alternatively, if you require the IBDP SoW it is here


This scheme of work covers the following areas of teaching and learning:

Use of modelling

Use of component 2 criteria

Focus on the assessment objectives throughout

Close, group analysis of some chapters

Group presentations

Individual presentations

Various types of group discussions

Collaborative learning strategies

Developing skills of analysis and interpretation

Lessons that focus on embedding academic essay writing skills

Guidance for approaching, understanding and analysing a  literary text

Example responses 

Focus on on context and critical interpretation and how to use this is an exam answer

Analysis of: themes, character, language, structure, symbols, motifs, setting, relationships

Analysis of key passages

How to identify and comment on authorial choice

Various homework tasks: reading, research, essay questions

Use of criteria and activities that help pupils to engage with the assessment criteria

How to write a comparative essay

How to write an essay focused on one text

Self and peer assessment

4 full exam style questions as well as several single text essays used throughout the scheme of work

Full SoW for George Orwell's '1984': OCR

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